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    Jamaica Packaging Industries Limited (JPI), is a family owned paper based packaging company established in Jamaica in October 1953, and acquired Corrpak Jamaica in October 2016.

    JPI is member of the international packaging group, Canadian Overseas Packaging Industries Ltd. (COPI), with plants in UK (Encase), Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean Packaging Industries), East Africa (East African Packaging Industries), and a distribution agency in Barbados (Barbados Packaging Industries).

    Our Value-Added Services

    We offer specialty services to facilitate every step of your packaging needs.

    Product Development and Design

    Our inhouse Product Development team provides quick, accurate, and innovative designs to suit your specific product requirements as well as offer expert advice for free. Our service is aimed to not only produce a carton that suits your needs, but also identifies and take into consideration affordability, market opportunities and problems with respect to our customers’ goals and objectives.

    Delivery & Distribution

    Our delivery process allows our customers to order large or small runs, and receive shipments as needed within 72 hours of our planning schedules. This flexibility controls inventory / warehousing and assists our customer to have more effective planning when market trends fluctuates.

    Customer Inventory Management

    We recognize that storage capacity can often be a challenge for our customers, particularly for packaging material that has to compete for space with other raw materials and finished goods. JPI takes that burden away by working closely with our customers to provide Just-In-Time delivery of their packaging requirements.

    Featured Products

    Paper Bags Without Handles

    Size: 1 lb,10 lb,14 lb,16 lb,2 lb,25 lb,3 lb,4 lb,5 lb,6 lb,8 lb

    Corrugated Box

    Size: Large (23 X 15 X 12),Small (24 x 15 x 9)

    Corrugated Box

    Size: Large (23 X 16 X 11),Medium (21 X 14 x 9)

    Corrugated Box

    Size: Large (20 x 20 x 20),Medium (16 x 16 x 16),Small (20 x 12 X 10)



    Dairy Industries (Jamaica) Ltd. has been doing business with Jamaica Packaging, formerly Corrpak Jamaica Ltd., for over seven (7) years now, and is pleased to have had them as a business partner. Their service has been one of professionalism, and as such we look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial relationship...

    We have been customers of JPI for many years, and we are committed that they remain one of our main suppliers of corrugated cartons. We have found them to be reliable in terms of on-time delivery of quality cartons. It has been a pleasure to deal with the entire team as in past, we have found them to be very responsive, supportive and pleasant to work with. We also like to support local manufacturing that contributes to the employment, well being and growth of Jamaica.

    Our Clients & Partners

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